Why a New Blog?

With the recent hullabaloo over a PSA by Jamaica Forum for Lesbians, All-Sexuals and Gays (view it here New J-FLAG PSA), that angered local clerics (view post here Clerics Angered) and it’s rejection from local television stations; there has been increased conversation on the gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender issue.

Many of the articles that have reached our local newspapers call down fire and brimstone, and blast homosexuality on grounds of Christian morality. So far articles on the opposing side have not surfaced.

Recently an ex-lesbian pastor was on our local television station (Television Jamaica (TVJ)), there was also an article on her in the Jamaican Gleaner (read it here Rev Michelle Smith). I did a response article which has been submitted to the same newspaper and can be read here I am Happy for Rev Smith.

In thinking about all of these events, I realised that there is no specific Jamaican blog or website (that I know of) that deals with Christianity and homosexuality in a positive light; meaning that a person can be GLBT or Q and be a Christian. For this reason I developed this new blog. The postings on this blog will be on Christianity and how you can be a Christian and GLBT or Q. A lot of the posts will come from other sources and I’ll try and find sermons to post as well. I promise to try to not rant on this blog =) if you want to read my rantings and articles I submit to the newspapers you can visit here, read the posts and bookmark it (Rantings of a Lesbian Christian ).

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