Atheist Vs Christian Morality: My Response

I promised not to rant on this blog, but I really can’t decided if this is a rant or not so, I’ve also placed this post on Rantings of a Lesbian Christian.


I am not surprised to see an atheist (Dr. Elthon Lowe) questioning the society’s firm footing in “Christian morality”. This blog post however is not so much about the letter written, but the comments that followed.

The intolerance of the Christians who responded to his article is not hidden. No I do not agree with atheist thought, what I do believe is that each of us is given free will. An atheist should be free to express his or her thought of how they view Christianity, isn’t that what freedom of speech is about?

Many Christians fear that their right to freedom of speech will be curtailed if ‘certain people’ are allowed to access and exercise their rights, yet they sometimes seem so disrespectful of other opinions and the rights of others to express such, for example mrs. parker commented on Dr. Lowe’s article saying, “I am so sorry that the gleaner took up space that could have been used for other more pressing and important  things, and used it for this insignificant, stupid ideas of these people that don’t know them selfI am so sorry that the gleaner took up space that could have been used for other more pressing and important  things, and used it for this insignificant, stupid ideas of these people that don’t know them self”.

What is it with many Christians? If you are speaking something that they don’t agree with they tell you to keep it to yourself because ‘the rest of us don’t want to hear it’, for example a commenter Machowan  says, “I would hope the good doctor is not insinuating that we as christians are forcing our belief or values on him. We are fortunate enough to live in a country where we are free to believe or not to believe in any God at all. I will bet my bottom dollar you did not feel this way before you enter certain educational institution. Some of us tend to be cocky when we think we are a notch or two above the rest. You don’t believe in the Father of creation, then keep that to your self, because you have no gospel to preach. Unless you are trying to convince yourself.” How does that stimulate conversation, how does that allow evangelism, how does that speak of the spirit of Christ in the Christian? It doesn’t.

No I’m not saying do not respond to his assertions, I am not saying do not contradict him, neither am I saying do not speak about your beliefs. I am saying encourage dialogue, have a conversation. I have met atheists, and agnostics some have rejected Christianity because it doesn’t make logical sense, some have rejected it because they have been beaten over the head with a stick to accept Christianity and some have seen the injustice and ruthlessness that Christianity can create. What happened to Love? No, not turning a blind eye and allowing that person to destroy themselves; rather, lovingly minister to such persons, reach out to them with compassion, sometimes if you listened to why they believe what they do, you overly righteous Christians would possibly learn something new, and learn a different way of evangelizing.

No I am not on the side of Dr. Lowe, I do not believe that we should, “Return morality to the human world into the hands of humans who can create and sustain it”; my gosh if morality were solely dependent on humanity’s thought’s there would still be injustice and in my opinion even chaos, for who’s version of morality would we follow? Morality can be influenced by religious (not only Christian) thought; it should be guided by our desire to protect those who may be harmed because of their inability to choose. My morality based on my religious belief should not be pushed down your throat, neither should someone else’s.

An interesting and almost borderline intolerant conversation rages on the website of the article and can be read here:

You can also read this post on: Rantings of a Lesbian Christian

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