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January 25th, 2012 • Category: Healthy Living

Are you in the process of learning to live healthier? Maybe your New Year’s resolution was to eat better, exercise, or in some other way improve your physical health? Join us for the next few days as we offer scripture, insight, and encouragement to help on that journey.

Today’s scripture: I Corinthians 6:12, Proverbs 14:30, Isaiah 26:3 (NRSV) (The Message) (KJV) What might God be saying to me?

My thoughts (Steve Adams):

Many years ago I had a friend who knew a lot about healthy eating. Even though I was only in my twenties, I was often tired, and usually got the flu three or four times every winter. I paid no attention to nutrition, sometimes skipped lunch, didn’t exercise much, and ate LOTS of sweets. I thought anything healthy was boring and took the fun out of life.

But my friend introduced me to a whole new world! I soon learned I could feel great — better than I thought was possible — if I limited my caffeine intake, drank more water, ate fresh fruits and vegetables and whole wheat bread and pasta, and took a good multi-vitamin. It was an adventure to try blueberries, kiwi, granola, and even an occasional avocado! And, could it be? The healthy foods started tasting better than the old food — and I felt like a new person! In the years since, it’s been a joy to discover “new” foods, usually through someone else who eats well.

My body and my mind responded to nutritious eating like a wilted plant to water! I felt more relaxed, more energetic, more alert, more peaceful, and more focused than I ever had before, and had much more endurance.

I love what Paul says in response to “All things are lawful for me.” His rebuttal: “Yes, technically I have the liberty to do all things, but not everything is good for me. I will not become a slave to anything!” (my paraphrase). When a little voice in my head says to me, “Why don’t you eat whatever you really want? You’re acting like it’s illegal to eat the good stuff!” I reply, “I am resolved to eat what is good for the body God has given me! I will not surrender control of this part of my life and let tiredness and illness dominate me again!”

Our physical health is directly related to our mental health The brain, being a part of the physical body, needs to be healthy in order for us to have whole, sound thoughts. If the brain is malnourished (poor physical diet) or overly stressed (poor mental diet), we lack the ability to think good thoughts. So, the thoughts we feed our mind are as important as the food we feed our bodies.

Our bodies are an incredible, complex gift from God. How are we going to take care of them?

This reminds me of a friend of mine who got his first car as a teenager. He washed it more than once a week, waxed it, changed the oil often, cleaned the engine, even put Armor All on the dashboard to make it shine, and often bought new accessories to improve it. He even researched oil brands, and was sure to use the very best quality. Most every weekend would find him spending several hours with the hood up, doors open, giving the vehicle some serious TLC. So what about our bodies? They’re a gift from God — and we only get one! How are we going to take care of them?

Thought for the day: What is by body trying to tell me? Does it need more rest, more exercise, better foods, some deep breathing, more peaceful thoughts, or. . . ? I can learn the art of listening to it. And then, I can make the choice to give it what it needs.

We encourage you to include a time of prayer with this reading. If you need a place to get started, consider the suggestions on the How to Pray page.

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